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15 Habits of Effective Leaders

The Main Stage April 26, 2022

As buzzwords go, “leader” gets used a lot – and overuse, if nothing else, makes

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How To Prepare For Your First Investor Meeting

The Main Stage March 24, 2022

An investor meeting is a big deal, so it’s natural to feel nervous. Feeling nervous

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The Best Dynamic Pitching Tool for Entrepreneurs

The Main Stage March 17, 2022

(and No, We Don’t Mean Another Boring Pitch Deck) I’m going to tell you about

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The Top Questions VCs Ask During Pitch Meetings

The Main Stage March 11, 2022

Are you someone who thrives on winging it – on showing up to a crucial

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How Funding Works for StartUps: A Guide to Funding Rounds

The Main Stage February 10, 2022

  If movies – and certainly reality TV – were to be believed, securing funding

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